Strong Customer Authentication secured by human intelligence in
3 steps and takes less than 30 seconds


The user identifies himself and thinks of his secret formula received when activating his account.


To create his one-time password, the user decodes the message received on the HIAsecure application with his secret formula.


The user enters his one-time password. Authentication successful!

A user-friendly experience: It’s a child's play!

A breakthrough innovation
in 5 major points

Unmatched security

Thanks to its method to generate a one-time password unobservable, non-attackable and non-hackable by automated means, HIAsecure solution provides an additional layer of security compared to existing systems regardless of the degree of confidence in the hardware used.

User-friendly experience

Authentication becomes a breeze! Rather than a fancy, hard-to-memorize password, it is a simple secret formula that the user learns. With each authentication, the user just needs to apply it to transform the message received on the HIAsecure application into a one-time password.

Competitive rates

With no hardware investment to make, HIAsecure has established a transparent pricing method: the license rate, which depends on the additional level of security desired, is applied to the number of active users at the end of the month.

Respect for compliance

The HIAsecure solution responds to the compliance challenges of banks and payment providers. Thanks to the anonymization of end users, HIAsecure does not have access to their personal data thus respecting GDPR.

Flexible integration

Available in SaaS mode, the HIAsecure solution is compatible with all business IT systems: inherited infrastructure or cloud computing. It can be combined with other security solutions already in place.

Mockup iPhone HIAsecure

The Strong Customer Authentication Solution is unobservable, non-attackable and non-hackable by automated means

The security provided by the HIAsecure solution is independent from the hardware security: Regardless of the security of the computer, tablet or smartphone the user is using for his authentication, the generation of a one-time password renders mass theft, phishing and brute force attacks ineffective. In addition, this one-time password cannot be observed even if a sneak was placed on the smartphone running the HIAsecure application: only the message sent to the application can be observed and it can only be decoded with the secret formula.

In short, the separation between the different HIAsecure servers combined with the anonymization of user data, renders the hacking of the customer’s or HIAsecure’s data useless.

The HIAsecure solution provides an additional layer of security compared to all other existing Strong Customer Authentication systems.

The HIAsecure solution provides an additional layer of security compared to all other existing SCA systems.

At the heart of the HIAsecure solution: a patented technology

Our technology allowing the delivery of secret formulas in a natural language adapted to the needs of the customers and their users was the subject of a patent application n ° FR1761152 filed on November 24, 2017. The secret formulas, messages, and one-time password can be addressed in all languages and all alphabets. The multi-alphabet and multi-language approach of the HIAsecure solution offers the same level of security for all customers but is a source of additional complexity for potential hackers.

Demo video:

Secure access to Showroom



How to access to the Showrooom page secured by HIAsecure. Explanation in pictures with Arnault Olivier, CTO.
Do you also want to test the HIAsecure strong authentication solution as a user? Request your access here.


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