HIAsecure, the French start-up that invented
the SCA solution secured by human intelligence

To protect companies and individuals from increasingly virulent cybercrime in Europe, the French start-up HIAsecure has developed a Strong Customer Authentication solution that is unobservable, non-attackable and non-hackable by automated means using an additional factor inherent in human beings: intelligence.

User-friendly and fun, it allows its users to generate a one-time access code from a secret formula that only they know. Compatible with all IT systems, the HIAsecure solution is easy to integrate while meeting financial constraints as well as business and compliance issues.

HIAsecure was created in 2017 by two brothers, Marc and Arnault Olivier, and their associates, capitalizing on the strength of innovation of a team of engineers and researchers who are experts in cybersecurity.

It is supported by the Ile-de-France region and Bpifrance as part of its research, development and innovation program.

An agile management team built on trust and high standards

Telecom engineer (ENSEEIHT) specialist in innovation and software, Arnault is the inventor of the initial patent who supervised the drafting of the technical platform specifications. At the head of the R&D team, he is notably in charge of industrialization as well as technological developments of the first generation of solutions and prepares the following ones. After starting his career at Thalès where he notably contributed to the development of an atypical transmission system for deterrent applications, Arnault joined Verizon Business as member of the French board. Based in Hong Kong since 2007, he has successfully developed two companies in the pay TV software industry.
An experienced international business manager, Marc is at the origin of HIAsecure. He transformed a "prove that you are who you say you are" idea into a project, then into a company, by capitalizing on the innovative strength of an R&D team of engineers and researchers who are experts in cybersecurity. With his know-how in product marketing and business development, he sets up the commercial deployment of the HIAsecure solution directly with large accounts and via a network of partners. As Director of Canal +, he was at the heart of its launch in France and its international development before contributing to the success of several audiovisual media enterprises.
Master in sciences of education and psychology, Philippe is an experienced leader who benefits from a long experience in the development of complex organizations. He is responsible for the administrative matters of HIAsecure. As such, he participates in the preparation of the financing necessary for its development. He also provides the company with the benefit of his long experience in pedagogy and his professional network. First a humanities teacher, then a high school and undergraduate pedagogical director, Philippe now works both as a master's degree teacher at the university as well as with executives, in the fields of management and cybersecurity.

A project developed by a cohesive R&D team
made up of recognized experts in cybersecurity

The HIAsecure research & development team is made up of engineers and researchers with more than 25 years of experience in security, embedded security and transactions (real time, telecom, HSM, TEE, Simcard, RISC, RTOS) on different processor architectures (68000, Intel, ARM, RISC, FPGA…). During their careers, its members have distinguished themselves in the management of laboratories and security research programs, in the information security issues of leading telecom operators as well as in the overhaul of responsibility and certification programs.

After working together on several European collaborative projects, these recognized experts in cybersecurity have come together to form the multidisciplinary team that has developed the approach and the technology responding to the complex problems of Strong Customer Authentication in order to develop the HIAsecure solution.

These are founding members of the company.
We imagined a SCA solution that is unobservable, non-attackable and non-hackable by automated means, securing it with a factor specific to human beings: intelligence.

They trust us

HIAsecure is supported by the Ile-de-France region and Bpifrance
under its research, development and innovation program.
HIAsecure is a member of the Paris Region Business Club and of the French Tech movement.
They support HIAsecure in its deployment.

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